Renewable and other energy development from Lark Energy

Lark Energy offers an ‘end to end’ development service under which we can develop, construct and manage your energy scheme, providing the right mix of renewable and other options to meet your needs.

We can offer both client funded schemes – where you meet the capital costs directly – and funded schemes using external finance based on a land lease. 

We offer a wider range of renewable energy options than most of our competitors and can deliver these in an appropriate combination to maximise the benefits of the scheme. 

Our current products include: 

  • Solar PV – land and/or roof mounted, at almost any scale.
  • Grid balancing with bio diesel generators.
  • Commercial biomass.
  • Battery storage.

We also work on larger energy-from-waste schemes. 

As an experienced renewable energy developer we can be a ‘one stop shop’, reviewing the options for your site and the available grid connection and advising on the best scheme to suit your needs.